Project Description

MakerWear is a new wearable construction kit for children that uses a tangible, modular approach to wearable creation.
MakerWear is comprised of two parts: (i) single-function electronic modules that, when combined, create complex interactive behaviors, and (ii) a flexible, magnetic socket mesh that is either pre-integrated into clothing or attached post-hoc like a fabric patch.
By manipulating these tangible modules, children can create a wide range of designs: a 'sound-reactive shirt' that changes color with music, a 'fitness tracker' that automatically counts and display steps, or a new game of 'laser tag' where children interact together through their designs.
MakerWear's module library is currently consisted of 32 single-function, 'plug-and-play' magnetic modules: (i) Sensor modules that sense body movement, physiological information, and environmental properties, (ii) Modules that allow social communication, (iii) Action modules that move, make lights and sounds, (iv) Modifiers that transform signals into another type of signal, and (v) Miscellaneous modules such as wires that allow extending across meshes and to spread out designs.
MakerWear's GitHub Repository


MakerWear: A Tangible Approach to Interactive Wearable Creation for Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar, Jason McPeak, Alex Jiao, Liang He, Thomas Outing, Jon E. Froehlich

None | Best Paper Award

ReWear: Early Explorations of a Modular Wearable Construction Kit for Young Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar, Liang He, Katie Wang, Chloe Aloimonos, Tony Cheng, Jon E. Froehlich


MakerShoe: Towards an E-Textile Construction Kit to Support Creativity, Playful Making, and Self-Expression

Majeed Kazemitabaar, Leyla Norooz, Mona Leigh Guha, Jon E. Froehlich



Making with a Social Purpose

April 6, 2017 | Lecture Series at the Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences

LTS Auditorium, College Park, MD

Transforming STEM Learning Through Wearables

April 4, 2017 | STEAM Salon Lecture Series

University of Maryland, College Park

MakerWear: A Tangible Approach to Interactive Wearable Creation for Children

March 7, 2017 | Design Field Notes

University of California, Berkeley

Tech+Design: Interaction Design for a Purpose

Nov. 3, 2016 | Technica: Tech+X Talk Series

University of Maryland, College Park

MakerWear: Early Explorations of Wearable Construction Kits for Children

Sept. 25, 2016 | Maker Faire Silver Spring 2016

Silver Spring, Maryland





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