Project Description

We present a new wearable computing and electronic textiles (e-textiles) technology for learning about anatomy and physiology, and for supporting children’s scientific inquiry skills. More specifically, we propose to design, build, and evaluate a set of wearable e-textile shirt prototypes—called BodyVis—that combine embedded sensing and interactive visualization to reveal otherwise “invisible” parts and functions of the human body. As the wearer engages in an activity, physiological phenomena are manifested on the wearable visualization in real-time. In addition, we present a new mixed-reality tool called SharedPhys, which tightly integrates real-time physiological sensing, whole-body interaction, and scientific inquiry to support new forms of embodied interaction and collaborative learning.


Scaffolding Authentic Wearable-­Based Scientific Inquiry for Early Elementary Learners

Virginia Byrne, Seokbin Kang, Leyla Norooz, Rafael Antonio Velez, Monica Katzen, Afe Addeh, Jon E. Froehlich, Tamara L. Clegg


Physiological Investigations with Live Physiological Sensing and Visualization Tools

Virginia Byrne, Tamara L. Clegg, Jon E. Froehlich, Seokbin Kang, Leyla Norooz


Live Physiological Sensing and Visualization Ecosystems: An Activity Theory Analysis

Tamara L. Clegg, Leyla Norooz, Seokbin Kang, Virginia Byrne, Monica Katzen, Angelisa Plane, Vanessa Oguamanam, Thomas Outing, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Jason Yip, Jon E. Froehlich

None | Acceptance Rate: 25.0% (606 / 2424)

“That's Your Heart!”: Live Physiological Sensing & Visualization Tools for Life-Relevant & Collaborative STEM Learning

Leyla Norooz, Tamara L. Clegg, Seokbin Kang, Angelisa Plane, Vanessa Oguamanam, Jon E. Froehlich


SharedPhys: Live Physiological Sensing, Whole-Body Interaction, and Large-Screen Visualizations to Support Shared Inquiry Experiences

Seokbin Kang, Leyla Norooz, Vanessa Oguamanam, Angelisa Plane, Tamara L. Clegg, Jon E. Froehlich


BodyVis: A New Approach to Body Learning Through Wearable Sensing and Visualization

Leyla Norooz, Matthew L Mauriello, Anita Jorgensen, Brenna McNally, Jon E. Froehlich

None | Honorable Mention

Exploring Early Designs for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology to Children Using Wearable E-Textiles

Leyla Norooz, Jon E. Froehlich



Hybrid Spaces and Third Places for Scientizing with Mobile, Wearable, and Community Technologies

July 30, 2018 | American Association of Physics Teachers Conference

Washington DC

Hybrid Spaces and Third Places for Scientizing with Mobile, Wearable, and Community Technologies

March 20, 2018 | ATLAS Institute Seminar Series

University of Colorado, Boulder

BodyVis: E-textiles for Body Learning and Scientific Inquiry

Oct. 5, 2017 | Digital Media and Learning Conference 2017

Irvine, CA

Designing Wearable Technologies, and the Experiences Around Them, for Children's Body Learning

April 24, 2017 | Human-Centered Computing Fika

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Making with a Social Purpose

April 6, 2017 | Lecture Series at the Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences

LTS Auditorium, College Park, MD

Transforming STEM Learning Through Wearables

April 4, 2017 | STEAM Salon Lecture Series

University of Maryland, College Park

Scientizing Daily Life with New Social, Mobile, & Wearable Technologies

Oct. 23, 2016 | National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT)

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Scientizing Daily Life with New Social, Mobile, & Wearable Technologies

Oct. 9, 2016 | Learning Sciences Colloquium

Northwestern University

Scientizing Daily Life with New Social, Mobile, & Wearable Technologies

Dec. 11, 2015 | Center for Research on Learning and Technology Speaker Series

Indiana University, Bloomington





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